Five Small Changes To Make Today For A Major Life Change

So I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve been on a major self-improvement kick since the start of the year. There’s something about a new year that makes me feel like getting shit done and making changes! So as per usual, ya girl is back with yet another list! Because who doesn’t love a good list, right? Sometimes I find that is the little things that make the biggest impact. Somewhat like a butterfly effect, changing or creating new small habits tend to offer a major improvement on quality of life and efficiency. I’m not going to bore you with a novel of an introduction because we all hate that! So here are five small habits to start today that will actually stick!

Stop Stepping Over Trash on The Floor

this one is most definitely targeted at myself! I don’t know why I’m Like this, but I’ll pretend as if I don’t notice a shirt on the floor or the over flowing trash far more often than I’d like to admit. I’ve justified this terrible habit by insisting I’d pick it up on my designated “cleaning day” but that’s kinda silly! When you see something out of place, put it away! This cuts down on time needed to clean overall and who wouldn’t like to always come home to a tidy space!

Wake Up Earlier

As much as I hate to admit it, Setting the alarm a bit earlier is just one of those tried and true tips that just make sense. Now, before you hop on YouTube to search up how to wake up earlier, honestly the only way to do it is to just do it! Yes I know not the best advice ever, but the fact of the matter is, waking up just sucks. Period. No matter how early you go to sleep, how much yoga you do, it’s still gonna suck. But the benefits are hard to pass up. Imagine clearing that to-do list before noon. Or working on that side project you keep putting off because you literally have no time to do it. Setting the clock back an extra hour or two gives you that time! A pro tip I will give you, however, is to give yourself something to look forward to when you wake up. A steamy cup of coffee or an episode of that show on Netflix before you get to business is a sure way to get those eyes open!

Cook a Great Meal Every Week

As easy as it is to fall into lifestyle habits, it is just as easy to fall into the same old eating habits. when Life gets hectic, we go for the easy meals that we already know how to make or pic up something quick on the way home. Tonight, try something new! find a recipe on pinterest and pick up some fresh ingredients. Hitting the grocery store and creating a new dish to enjoy can be relaxing and a great way to break away from same ole’ same ole’.

Retry an Old Habit

Long ago when I worked the grave yard shift as an overnight manager at a gym, I had a routine of listening to jazz on my way home, cooking myself a healthy breakfast before heading to bed. simple, I know. However, something about the memory of listening to jazz as the sun rose makes me feel nostalgic and want to go back to that simple time. Now, I just listen to jazz on my way to work after breakfast. Your old habit could be brushing your teeth thrice a day or maybe meditating before bed. You may have fell off for one reason or another, but if it brought you joy, why not have another go at it?

Do That One Thing You’ve Been Meaning To Do

You know that one thing. We all have one. whether its calling your mom or finally sorting through that pile of mail (talking to myself with that one) you probably have a small task you’ve been putting off for far too long. This is your sign to go do it now! I promise it will feel nice to finally check it of your to-do list, even if its a petty task.

What changes would you like to make? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @rasberryxdreams on twitter!

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Building Confidence For 2019

Okay I know, I know. You’re tired of seeing all these “how to blah blah blah in 2019” articles on all of your feeds every year and I feel you! I’m SO sick of picture-perfect bloggers telling me that a dang face mask and some green tea is gonna wash away all the stress of 2018! At the end of the day, there is no cure-all for all your issues and waiting until the end of the year to make changes won’t work! However, that isn’t to say that all efforts are moot or that you shouldn’t set new goals for yourself. So, to kick off the year, I’ve taken upon myself to cook up some realistic ways to build confidence this year. These are not hacks, nor are they “quick Tips” you can do In one day. For those, Might I suggest a Buzzfeed article?

Okay, Let’s get into this! My confidence has never been where it needs to be, but this last year, it has been at an all-time low. I would say I’ve had about 20 Mental breakdowns these last few months alone, I don’t even want to think about how many in the entire year! This, among many (MANY) other things definitely attributed to breaking down what little confidence I had to begin with. Needless to say, I’ve had a rough year, and I’m in desperate need of a bit of a reboot. This article is as much for me as it is for you.

Getting Your House In Order

So, In this Context “ your house” represents your mental health and basically everything to do with your personal life. I can’t stress enough that your house needs to be dealt with BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE! And that’s not a matter of preference. If you focus anything first, you’ll be taking the “fake it ‘till you make it” route. Which will not work. Trust me, I’ve tried. You need to deal with whatever’s going on mentally so that you can get it off your mind or at least get it under control! You will never feel sexy if you mountain of unpaid debt has rented out a spot in the back of your head! For example, My mountain is being behind on my bills since quitting my job to work for myself. This is something I am making a priority to fix before anything else. Your problem may be something different but your first step is creating an action plan to solve it. Seek out help if you need it such a therapist, financial advisor, or even just a good friend. Only after you’ve dealt with your problem will you begin to feel in control again and rebuild your self-esteem.

Challenge: Create a plan to take on an issue you’re having! You can start small!

Learning to Say No

This Is a big one for me because I’ve always had trouble with it. As a result, I’ve ended up In situations I didn’t want to be in (situationships, free car rides, working for less than my worth) which took a toll on my self-worth. A confident woman does not bend to the will of anyone (no matter how handsome) While you may feel that you’re just a generous person, others are thinking you’re a pushover. You get more respect when you value yourself and your time.

Unfortunately, there is no way to remedy this besides good old fashioned practice. MuchelleB has a great video about setting personal policies for 2019 Which I will Definitely be trying out and I recommend you do the same. Personal policies basically act as a guideline that allows you to protect your time and mental health. They give you an easy out when confronted with something you would prefer not to do. A policy could be not staying out past nine on a weekday or only eating out once a week. People will learn to respect your time, and you will find it easier to turn people down. In doing so, you will feel a boost in confidence knowing that you are in control of your life.

Challenge: say no at least twice a week! Practicing will build up that “no” muscle!

Only Wear What You Love

Not I’m not trying to push my minimalist agenda on you or anything with this one! But think about it. If you could feel good about what you wear every day, Why wouldn’t you? Too often, I feel we fall into the habit of wearing what I like to call “filler Outfits”. These are the outfits you wear when you think “ehh I’m not going anywhere special” or “nobody’s gonna see me today” We save our “good clothes” for special occasions only and are almost never satisfied with our everyday outfits. This is because a lot of the time, the special occasion you’ve been waiting for never comes. Your filler clothes end up being your daily wardrobe Which can take a toll on your confidence. Something I’m practicing this year is throwing out all those tee shirts and sweats that I feel horrible in and replacing them with things I wouldn’t mind running into an old friend in. It may be cliche, but when you look good, you really do feel good!

Now, this isn’t to say you should wear nothing but high heels and button downs. I myself have discovered that I feel the best in comfortable clothes. After all, it is important to be just as comfortable as you are cute! True confidence comes when you can be certain your fit well and look great. When you can’t walk in your shoes, your skirt is too short and your crop top isn’t as flattering as it was easier, you will be uncomfortable and it will show

Challenge: before committing to tossing out clothes that aren’t your absolute fave, try separating unflattering clothes from your closet for a month. Whatever you can live without, toss!

Leave Self Doubt in 2018

Lastly, believe in yourself! Confident women know their worth and will not let anyone knock them down, even themselves! Something that I’ve been doing is reciting positive affirmations every morning before anything else. Above, I’ve Attached a copy of my list, however, I encourage you to Create some of your own that relate specifically to your life! Pinterest has a plethora of affirmations you can adopt into your own list. But whether you speak positively every day or simply check] yourself out the mirror every now and then, know that you are absolutely killing it and doing your best every day, even when you don’t feel it.

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Creating Bullet-proof Goals for 2019

Welcome to 2019 Devin!
Ok let’s be honest, 2018 wasn’t the best. You had a ton of goals and aspirations. However, with every goal, came an unforeseen twist in the road to your success. Yeah to put it simply, 2018 kicked your ass babe! However, luckily for you, 2019 is around the corner and waits with new possibilities! If you are anything like me, you LOVE writing lists and goals and planning your year! But also, for some reason, you always seem to come up short by the end of the year. 2019 is where this stops! With these four tips below, I’ve created A bullet Proof list of goals for 2019 to make this year your best ever!

Be specific

You need to be very particular about what you would like to achieve in the new year. When you have a Broad goal such as “eat better” or Go to the Gym more” it leaves too many holes and open endings. By this I mean, there may end up being some confusion about what requirements must be fulfilled to meet the goal. If the goal is unclear, you may end up checking it off preemptively or never fulfilling at all. Instead, try breaking down the goal. instead of saying “go to the gym more”, set a goal that can be easily measured such as lose 10 pounds or go to the gym 3x a week. This will be easier to keep track of.

Do Not Base Goals on Temporary Whims

This one is directed specifically at goals such as “paint 20 paintings”. Earlier this year, I had dreams of making my art more than just a hobby. While this goal may have worked for a more established artist who had already built up the habit of painting in bulk, for me it does not work because my passions change with the wind! Your goals should be realistic and based on your actual interests. that’s not to say you shouldn’t try new things! But maybe leave it off your list if you’re just starting out.

Smaller Lists Are Best!

Smaller Lists are Best! When I wrote this list earlier this year, I was a bit in over my head! I didn’t take into account how much time some goals would take and threw on every little thing I wanted to do! I realize now that some things should be saved for your five Year goals or maybe even monthly and weekly goals for small tasks. This time around, I’m going to stick to a smaller list with more time appropriate goals. This will give me the ability to dedicate more time to the tasks that really matter.

Categorize Goals

Organizing your goals into separate categories can help tremendously in staying on track throughout the year. With multiple categories, you’ll find yourself better able to prioritize. The categories I’ll be using are personal, financial, and work. You can use more or less, depending on your lifestyle and the types of goals you’d like to set. Some other groups you may want to add are Family, Education, Home etc. I’m including a printable  2019 goal template at the end of the blog, however, feel free to create your own!

Congratulations Devin! you’ve completed your bullet-proof 2019 goals list. you have written realistic, specific goals that you are passionate about. This time next year, don’t be surprised if you complete most or all of your goals

Grow Up, Devin!

Devin, You made a blog! This is something you’ve contemplating for the past few years, so good on you for finally getting the balls to start! You have always told others that the hardest part of anything is starting. It is time to take your own advice. Always remember that while there are plenty of bloggers out there, there is only one you. Only you can speak fluent ebonics and drop a dope pancake recipe at the same damn time!

For those of you that are confused, my name is devin and this blog is somewhat of a an open letter to myself. An internal monologue, if you will. I’ve always found myself talking to myself and trying to coach myself through everything life has thrown at me so far. I thought i May as well write it out . it is my hopes that others may be able to find use for my blog posts.

Who am I?

I am 22-year-old black woman local to the D.C. area. I am a writer, an artist and just a creative in general. More than anything though, I am completely lost in life. Since graduating from high school (which was now 4 years ago!!) I have explored many different paths. I knew pretty early on that college wasn’t for me, but that didn’t stop me from threatening to go (and even applying) three separate times!. Whilst I Pretended to be the higher education type, I also dabbled in baking floral design,  finance management, makeup and beauty, personal fitness, just plain giving up on life, painting, fashion, and a few half-hearted business ventures. Clearly, my issue is not that I lack ideas, it that I have too many!

What to Expect

After four Plus years, I’ve managed to narrow it down to 4 interests I actually like: writing cooking, homemaking, and pretty much anything to do with getting your life together. Grow Up, Devin! Will focus on my growth as an adult and allowing myself to dive into my passions instead of trying to select just one. it is my hopes that others may be able to relate to and find use of my blog. MAybe it can help an undecided recent high school grad figure out what they’d like to do a little faster than me! Or even just provide someone with entertainment while I stumble through life.

For more information, Click over to the ABOUT page to learn ore about Me and My blog, and also how to contact me!