Creating Bullet-proof Goals for 2019

Welcome to 2019 Devin!
Ok let’s be honest, 2018 wasn’t the best. You had a ton of goals and aspirations. However, with every goal, came an unforeseen twist in the road to your success. Yeah to put it simply, 2018 kicked your ass babe! However, luckily for you, 2019 is around the corner and waits with new possibilities! If you are anything like me, you LOVE writing lists and goals and planning your year! But also, for some reason, you always seem to come up short by the end of the year. 2019 is where this stops! With these four tips below, I’ve created A bullet Proof list of goals for 2019 to make this year your best ever!

Be specific

You need to be very particular about what you would like to achieve in the new year. When you have a Broad goal such as “eat better” or Go to the Gym more” it leaves too many holes and open endings. By this I mean, there may end up being some confusion about what requirements must be fulfilled to meet the goal. If the goal is unclear, you may end up checking it off preemptively or never fulfilling at all. Instead, try breaking down the goal. instead of saying “go to the gym more”, set a goal that can be easily measured such as lose 10 pounds or go to the gym 3x a week. This will be easier to keep track of.

Do Not Base Goals on Temporary Whims

This one is directed specifically at goals such as “paint 20 paintings”. Earlier this year, I had dreams of making my art more than just a hobby. While this goal may have worked for a more established artist who had already built up the habit of painting in bulk, for me it does not work because my passions change with the wind! Your goals should be realistic and based on your actual interests. that’s not to say you shouldn’t try new things! But maybe leave it off your list if you’re just starting out.

Smaller Lists Are Best!

Smaller Lists are Best! When I wrote this list earlier this year, I was a bit in over my head! I didn’t take into account how much time some goals would take and threw on every little thing I wanted to do! I realize now that some things should be saved for your five Year goals or maybe even monthly and weekly goals for small tasks. This time around, I’m going to stick to a smaller list with more time appropriate goals. This will give me the ability to dedicate more time to the tasks that really matter.

Categorize Goals

Organizing your goals into separate categories can help tremendously in staying on track throughout the year. With multiple categories, you’ll find yourself better able to prioritize. The categories I’ll be using are personal, financial, and work. You can use more or less, depending on your lifestyle and the types of goals you’d like to set. Some other groups you may want to add are Family, Education, Home etc. I’m including a printable  2019 goal template at the end of the blog, however, feel free to create your own!

Congratulations Devin! you’ve completed your bullet-proof 2019 goals list. you have written realistic, specific goals that you are passionate about. This time next year, don’t be surprised if you complete most or all of your goals


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