Grow Up, Devin!

Devin, You made a blog! This is something you’ve contemplating for the past few years, so good on you for finally getting the balls to start! You have always told others that the hardest part of anything is starting. It is time to take your own advice. Always remember that while there are plenty of bloggers out there, there is only one you. Only you can speak fluent ebonics and drop a dope pancake recipe at the same damn time!

For those of you that are confused, my name is devin and this blog is somewhat of a an open letter to myself. An internal monologue, if you will. I’ve always found myself talking to myself and trying to coach myself through everything life has thrown at me so far. I thought i May as well write it out . it is my hopes that others may be able to find use for my blog posts.

Who am I?

I am 22-year-old black woman local to the D.C. area. I am a writer, an artist and just a creative in general. More than anything though, I am completely lost in life. Since graduating from high school (which was now 4 years ago!!) I have explored many different paths. I knew pretty early on that college wasn’t for me, but that didn’t stop me from threatening to go (and even applying) three separate times!. Whilst I Pretended to be the higher education type, I also dabbled in baking floral design,  finance management, makeup and beauty, personal fitness, just plain giving up on life, painting, fashion, and a few half-hearted business ventures. Clearly, my issue is not that I lack ideas, it that I have too many!

What to Expect

After four Plus years, I’ve managed to narrow it down to 4 interests I actually like: writing cooking, homemaking, and pretty much anything to do with getting your life together. Grow Up, Devin! Will focus on my growth as an adult and allowing myself to dive into my passions instead of trying to select just one. it is my hopes that others may be able to relate to and find use of my blog. MAybe it can help an undecided recent high school grad figure out what they’d like to do a little faster than me! Or even just provide someone with entertainment while I stumble through life.

For more information, Click over to the ABOUT page to learn ore about Me and My blog, and also how to contact me!


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